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You're Only Seconds Away From 'Easy To Follow' Knot Patterns, Reputable Suppliers,
 Quality Materials and Much, Much More....

From: Samantha Jenkins,  

Dear Friend,    

          If you are wanting to find a single source of information that told you everything you EVER wanted to know about Macrame, then this is going to be an exciting read for you!

          Here’s why:

         There is an amazing new guide out called “One Stop Macrame Shop”. It covers everything that you have said you want to know about Macrame....yes EVERYTHING!

          And you know why?  Well like you I LOVE my Macrame.  I used to run a successful Macrame business when I was 8 and over time it fell by the wayside as I ventured into other crafty pursuits.  

         Well recently I have returned to where my heart lies, and the thing I have found is that it is SO HARD to find good, easy to understand, informative guidance about all the different aspects that make up Macrame, in one spot!  I find I am continually clicking onto different links to glean bits of information, and more often than not it does not answer exactly what it is I want to know :(.

          Sound familiar?

          So I decided to do something about it myself, and with the help of some other Macrame Lovers I have created an exciting, everything you could ever want to know about Macrame ebook.  And called it the "One Stop Macrame Shop".

          Imagine having a resource that you know you can rely on to answer your own questions to do with Macrame?  Would that make life easier for you?  Saving you bucket loads of time instead of trying to hunt out the answers yourself.  Meaning you can get on with what you love to do....Macrame!

          Imagine a book that offers you, at your fingertips, exciting and easy to follow Macrame Patterns

          Then when you wonder where to get the materials from, you have a List of Suppliers for all of your Macrame Needs.  You can find out what sort of Yarn to use.  Where to locate Beautiful Beads.  What size Ring to use and where to find them.

          Imagine being able to follow Diagram Instructions on how to tie the Knots, and trouble shoot for you if something seems to be not working.  Would that be useful?

          Wouldn't it be great to have an ebook that is universally appealing and relevant, no matter what stage you are at with your Macrame?  
 An Up-To-Date Guide With Complete And Easy To Follow Instructions, Step-By-Step Knot Tutoring, Beautiful Patterns,
Supplier Information
And More....

How Good Would That Be?

  No longer would you have to scour the Internet trying to find different sources to give you the answers to your questions.  Imagine the relief of not having to try and figure it out for yourself because no one else was around to help you, or you couldn't find the answer elsewhere.

           Imagine the bonus for you if you are already attending a wonderful local Macrame Class, as you can keep moving forward, developing your skills, creating exciting designs, without relying on or having to wait for your weekly tutorials.

Did you know......Macrame is having a RESURGENCE! 

There is a NEW TREND towards Contemporary Expressions of Macrame

MACRAME in the New Millenium

            Macrame had a hey day in the 70's and there have been those that have been faithful to it since then, keeping the light burning.  Now more and more people are moving back towards the art, beauty and satisfaction of knotting.

            Imagine being able to produce Macrame pieces that you felt were more Contemporary. Pieces that your friends desired for themselves, and begged you to make for them.  A plant holder, wall hanging, place mat, teens bracelet and so much more.....,...

            Imagine learning how to Combine Macrame with Jewelery to create fine quality pieces of beads and fiber.  Wouldn't you love to create something that looked like it was professionally produced?

            Wouldn't you love to read some ideas of how you can SELL your Macrame for a profit?

            Wouldn't it be great to have a 'One Stop Shop' that told you everything you wanted to know about Macrame?

            That's what this brand new ebook will do for you!

And It's Not Like Any Other Book You've Ever Read On Macrame.........


            Simply, every section in this book, every topic we cover, every idea we put forth is because "you asked for it".  Well, not "you" really.  Everything in this book comes from live questions.  Questions from people like you, who love Macrame and want to know more about it.   Who have questions that currently they can not find answers for, easily, in one place.

            I was one of those people too!!!  As I mentioned earlier I am a recent returnee to Macrame.  With my business when I was 8, get that 8!..... I sold plant hangers, lampshades, onion baskets, wall hangings and much much more....

           So years later, I read something again about Macrame and how it is making a comeback, and that's all it took.....I'm back......and I can't seem to easily find answers to my questions and there seems to be very little available on the web, or in stores, in one easily accessible spot.

          I figure if I feel like this, who else might?  And what do they want to know?  Maybe I can help them and create a book that will answer ALL of our questions and will become a "One Stop Macrame Shop" guide for enthusiasts like ourselves.

           A simple web page was set up and people like you came and visited it, and left their most pressing question about Macrame.

          Then I answered them!

          Along with a team of people to help me, we researched, resourced, explored and obtained the answers to your specific questions.  And being Macrame Lovers ourselves, we felt even more strongly to provide an Outstanding Ebook that would leave you with a huge grin on your face, and excited fingers ready to get knotting.  

         Our aim was simple...to please you...to give you something that was abundantly useful and answered the many questions relating to Macrame that you might have.  From how to get started right through to how to market the things that you make.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover in the "One Stop Macrame Shop" ebook:

How surprisingly easy it is for the Absolute Beginner to create works of art, with patterns for you to get you started.

Discover what the best kind of rope to use is, depending on the design (as the saying goes.......different strokes for different ropes).

The techniques that make your work all the same size and line up (yes no more 'deformed' looking creations!).

Find out about which Knots to use and when......(and allow yourself the freedom for your creativity to flow).

Where to find the Best Suppliers of Macrame Materials...on line and off

Clear and Accurate Instructions on how to begin.  When the instructions say...fold and tie in a half knot....we'll tell you what part of the string to fold (we know you are not mind readers, so we spell out and show you how to do a knot)!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures along with the instructions - visually see how to do the knot!

Cool projects that appeal to every age (doodads to hang from back pack zippers, swinging chairs, wall hangings...you name it....we got it!).

Learn How to Market your Macrame, how to display and sell the things you make (if you really like this section...we are thinking of making another ebook devoted to this topic alone, let us know your thoughts!).

Find out more about Cavandoli Macrame and learn how to do free form.

Know once and for all how long to cut your cords, so that they come out to the size plant holder that you want!

How to make Macrame look more Contemporary (we'll show you ways to bring it up with the times and today's style).

Learn what is the best way to blend colors when using cord and beads (and learn how to trust your own creative eye for color and form).

Finally, clear instructions on how to create wonderful plant hangers for yourself or for others.

Get knotted, again and again, with lots of knot types for you to practice and play with (there are more than what you may think, with the old faithfuls also being able to be used in a variety of manners).

And if All That Doesn't Have You Tying Knots With Your Eyes Closed...

Patterns galore!!! Discover new, exciting, contemporary and classic patterns shown to you in photo form with easy to follow instructions (there is just SO much you can make from Macrame!).

Learn how to make a beaded Macrame Dog Collar (so your pet is the smartest pooch on the block!).

Illustrated basic instructions so you can get started using the basic knotting techniques (and of course it wont be long before you are wanting to stretch your wings for more....which you will find here in this book too!).

Find out what kind of hemp to buy for your Macrame project (so if you make a necklace it wont be itchy!).

Craft Store Listings are yours for the viewing, so you no longer struggle to find great supplies (how annoying can that be?!).

Learn what size of material you should use so as to enclose and support large hanging house plants that hang from the ceiling (as it could be very messy otherwise, I know!).

Plenty of patterns for plant hangers, for you to follow step by step with stunning results (for the more adventurous, it can be fun to combine a couple of patterns to best suit your tastes).

Find out how to know how much cord you will need for a project and how to choose the right cord.

Teenagers will love you!  Make them a hemp bracelet from one of our contemporary patterns catering to the teen market (why limit it to teens either?!).

Sources offered for where you can order your yarn, rings, beads and all other Macrame related products.

Learn the best way to add on cords (this is not as difficult as it may sound!).

More ideas, more patterns, more instructions, for interesting things for you to make with Macrame (whether you like the traditional look and feel or wanting something more contemporary).

          And that's just a glimpse at some of the goodies that this brand new, ground breaking ebook offers you.  

Check out for yourself:

Macrame Book

         If you need further convincing, have a read of those we let have a sneak peak and what they have to say about it........

"Wow, and another wow, and thank-you Carolyne,

I have struggled so much to find a Macrame book or information that gives me clear instructions on how to make plant hangers, and the one I made from your book looks so good in my house.

And I used the book to help me with suppliers, what was the best yarn to use and so much more, this really is as you say....a one stop shop!

Many thanks, your book rocks."

Sally Ann Burrows
Reno, NV

"At last, this book was just what I needed to get me underway with Macrame, I have never done it before and was worried about how difficult it might be.  And its easy!!!  And fun.  I am loving it, and I can't wait to get stuck into some of your more advanced patterns.

I'm a very happy customer, thank-you."

Tammy Taylor
Bradley Beach, New Jersey

"I just love your jewelry patterns, thank you!  I wanted to create some beautiful pieces of jewelry using macrame and I am so happy with the results.  Your book really inspired me."

Diana Richards
San Jose, CA

"Until now it has been so hard to find information on Macrame from one source.  I would take bits from here and there, so whilst the quality in some areas was good, it was time consuming, and sometimes incomplete with what I could find.

So thank-you.  I LOVE the One Stop Macrame Shop, and I look forward to your next book coming out, as I want to start selling my Macrame to people other than my friends and family."

Abigail Carter
Orlando, Fl

         So how much would it help YOU to know the answers to your own questions and more?

         Wouldn't you be able to enjoy, explore and create with Macrame more and more, knowing that you  have a resource guide that you can flick to when a question comes up for you?

         You would have patterns to keep you busy, know where to source the best materials, trouble-shooting on hand and so much more.....................

That's why you should own this book today (in fact you can be reading it in as little as 5 minutes from now!).  

What's a resource like this worth?

          To have someone do all of this research for you would normally cost you around $1000.00 (I should know as that is what it has cost me!).  Particularly information that is targeted to those that are passionate about Macrame and have asked directly for this information.  

         This is not some 'I think I'll write a book on what I think people want' - NO, this book was written purely because you told me you wanted answers to these questions....and I threw in some more on TOP of that again!

          Everything in this book is geared towards Y.O.U.  We have patterns for you.  We have suppliers for you.  We have photo's for you.  We have instructions for you.  It really is all about YOU and what you WANT.

           I would love to say there are other resources out there that offer the same, and I sincerely hope that more books like this are created....as being 'hungry for information Macrame Lovers', we want information, we want patterns, we want lists of material suppliers, we want ideas, we want to give light to our creativity........ so here's to competition.

           Currently though, there is NOTHING being offered to you like this book, NOTHING.  As this is the "One Stop Macrame Shop" Book,  all 130 pages of it!

          There are books just on Patterns. There are websites that offer you Instructions.  You can find Suppliers by hunting around.  Yes, you can find information on Macrame yourself, if you spend your valuable time, going through the phone book, doing internet searches, asking friends, going to classes - over time you can find out SOME of this information.  And then you can patch it together for yourself.

         How precious is your TIME?   How much of it do you have to throw around?  Do you like playing Detective, or would you rather just get on and start unleashing your creativity through Macrame Knotting?  You tell me.......

         The "One Stop Macrame Shop" brings all you want to know about Macrame and more to you for only $37.77 (imagine 130 pages for only $37.77!).  

          That's right, a fraction of what it is really worth and what it cost me to research.  And why am I making it so affordable?  Simply because my costs to deliver this to you are so low (once you order the book you simply download its pdf file electronically onto your computer in a flash, so you can be devouring its contents in as little as 5 minutes from now!)

           And even more importantly I am offering you this price because I love Macrame and I want others to also enjoy it as much as I do and spread the word.  

Macrame Book This book will unleash your creativity, it will answer your questions you have, it will guide you through the process, it will tell you how to do the knots, it will trouble shoot, it will direct you to trusted suppliers, it will give you patterns.  And so so much more.....

           So I figure that I'll be able to offer this fabulous resource of information to many interested Macrame Lovers, and that in time I will make my investment back.

          No matter what, it is a bargain for you.  And yes I am planning on raising my price from $37.77 to $49.95 very soon as my friends think I am crazy to offer ALL of this information for this low price.  Once I get a few more testimonials from satisfied customers, the price will increase.  So you will want to be quick if you want to save some bucks.

          $37.77 is much less than what you will save yourself in time (time is so precious to us these days!) and dollars by:  trying to find the answers yourself; correcting Macrame mistakes already made; or buying a finished Macrame product yourself.

         And don't worry, if you are not happy with the content you have a complete money back guarantee.

100% Risk Free Money Back
 90 Days from Purchase

You are my customer, and if you are not happy, I'm not happy.  So if you are not happy with what you find in "One Stop Macrame Shop" I don't expect...or want...to keep your money.  Just simply fire off an email to me and I'll be happy to refund your money in full (in fact I would be embarrassed to keep it!).

And....the book is yours to keep no matter what, as a 'thank you' gift from me!

So really...you can't lose, the book is yours no matter what!

        That's about as fair as it gets, huh?!

        However it doesn't stop there.....I want you to really feel like you are getting a fantastic deal!  That you are getting way more than your money's worth.  So..............

 I am going to throw in some FREE BONUSES for Your enjoyment!

          The first exciting bonus I am offering you as part of your overall 'One Stop Macrame Shop' Introductory Package involves one of the most beautiful parts of Macrame, and it is a Craft Topic in its own right.  

           I have received a lot of questions from you about how to incorporate Beads into Macrame in order to give it a more contemporary feel.  Some of you wanted a more refined look, and others wanted something that a teenager would feel hip about wearing.

          So I decided to create an ebook of patterns and instructions on this very delicious topic.  So, as part of your 'One Stop Macrame Shop' Introductory Package (yes introductory - as I don't know how long it is economically wise for me to give this stuff away free!) you will receive a

FREE EBOOK: 10 Top Patterns For Macrame With Beading

          And the fun does not stop there.  You may have noticed me referring to Time, that oh so precious, never have enough of commodity in our lives.  I want you to have plenty of Time to do your Macrame.  I want your Macrame to slot in easily into your hectic schedule.  Gee, I want you to have Time to do everything you want with your days.

         And I don't stop there either!!!!  For those of you interested in starting your own Craft Business, here is a wonderful little ebook on exactly that!

          Yes, I am offering you, COMPLETELY FREE, an ebook to get you started with setting up your own Craft Business

FREE EBOOK: How To Start Your Own Craft Business

      Then I thought you might like even more knots and projects.  And I am throwing in another wonderful little ebook, COMPLETELY FREE , that has more wonderful knots, more amazing patterns, and more easy to follow instruction!!!

FREE EBOOK: More Macrame Knots And Patterns

         Finally ..... just so you have plenty of time to enjoy all of these wonderful books on Macrame, I have ANOTHER FREE BONUS a much sought after collection of

Extracted from the Masters of Time

          Such as the world renowned Steven Covey - so that you can begin to govern your time, rather than it governing you.....and if you don't need it....maybe there is someone in your life who you feel does *wink*!?

          Now how good is all of that?!  

         At no extra cost, when you purchase the "One Stop Macrame Shop" break-through guide; you will receive a divinely beautiful  "Top 10 Patterns For Macrame With Beading"; the helping hand of  "How To Start Your Own Craft Business";  Another tremendous ebook "More Macrame Knots & Pattern"  and then so you have time to enjoy all of this... "Tips For Time Management" ebook, all yours to enjoy FREE.

        Can you believe this offer?  Though I don't know how long I'll keep the bonuses up there, and the pricing the same.  It's all part of a marketing test I am doing, whilst rewarding those as passionate about Macrame as I am who get in quick with their purchase.  Yes it is my way to say thank-you with as many goodies as I can. 

        Though I know its not good business practise to offer this package at this pricing for too long, I have been told the ebook itself is underpriced.  So if you want them, get in quick.


     Wishing you the most wonderful enjoyment with your Macrame   



     Samantha Jenkins
     Big Time Macrame Lover

PS: Don't forget there is nothing like this ebook one the market.  This is the first time anyone has offered a "One Stop Macrame Shop"  where all the information you could possibly want on Macrame: patterns, instructions, suppliers, jewelery, beads, trouble shooting has been pulled together  (it took us 130 pages to address all that you told us you wanted to know!)  to save you time and give you amazing macrame results.  All of this is now but a click away from being at your finger tips.   Click Here to Order Securely Through Click Bank

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