Creating Your Own Macrame Designs

by Macrame

Designing for Macramé is very much a matter of personal taste.
Some people find long strands and many tassels more attractive than
tightly knotted, intricate, and repeating patterns.  When you’re
designing your own Macramé projects there are only two basic
criteria that you need to pay attention to: (1) that the materials
and the design are compatible, and (2) that the work is uniform and
even in knotting.

Macrame is an artistic art that is unlimited in its combination of
materials, patterns, and beads.  The only limit is your own
imagination!  The designs that you create will be a reflection on
your originality and creativity.  You may enjoy creating Macramé
projects that have a unique texture using only a few knots.  Or you
may want to combine a variety of intricate knots with beads to
create a project that is beautiful and interesting.

When you’re designing your own Macrame projects you’ll need to make
sure that you take the time to lay your pattern down on paper
before you begin.  You’ll need to work out your knotting design
quite accurately and in considerable detail.  It’s important to
work the pattern on paper if you want to know how units of certain
cords can be used with units of other cords.  Buy graph paper to
help you plan your Macrame project accurately and to scale.

You can easily modify projects by making them longer or shorter, by
changing the types of knots that are used, and by adding beading to
the finished piece.  Beads are easy to add to any Macrame project
once you know how!  All you need to do is find the appropriate
places in the pattern to add the beads, choose the beads that you
want to complement the pattern, and make sure that the beads are
securely integrated into the project.

Happy knotting!

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