Knot of The Week: The Half-Knot

by Macrame

The Solomon BarFor this week, we learn to make a basic knot called the half-knot. It is often used to create the cobra stitch, which is also called the Solomon Bar or the Portuguese sinnet. It is recognizable by the zigzagging cords in the middle (cobra stitch) and the curved cords jutting out on the side of what looks like a bar of knots (Solomon Bar).

To create a half-knot, we take two cords of different lengths: a 20-inch cord and a 70-inch cord. The length will vary depending on the diameter of the cord you are using; thicker cords need to be longer than thinner cords. Hitch the two cords to a pencil or chopstick to form a loop at the end for the clasp.

Let us start with assigning cords A, B and C. The middle cords taped together at the bottom are cords B. Cord A and cord C are the cords at the left and right sides respectively.

Start with cord C and bring it behind cords B, forming a loop with the C cord about the size of a 50-cent piece jutting out to the right side.

Now bring cord A behind the long length of C, which is now on the left side, and pull it over cords B. Pull the end of cord A through the loop of cord C.

Pull tight to make a small knot. The tighter you pull the cord, the smaller the knot you make. Pull the cord to your desired size of knot. Make sure you maintain the same tightness throughout the project.

Repeat steps 4, but this time, start on the left side instead of the right.

Make sure the foundation cords B in the middle are stretched out. The pattern will curve and skew if the middle cords are not straightened while knotting.

To prevent bunching, make sure the knots are close together, but not too tightly. Adjust the tightness and maintain this kind of tightness throughout the pattern.

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