How to Macrame: Adding More Cord to a Finished Project

by Macrame

This is the final post in our month long series titled How to Macrame.

There are certain times when you’ll want to add cords to your Macrame project:

  • When you want to expand or increase a certain section of the pattern.
  • When one or more cords become too short for knotting.
  • When you want to add a color.

Adding cords will depend on whether you want the addition of the cording to show as well as what type of cording you’re using.  If you want the addition of the cording to be invisible you’ll want to splice the cord into the Macrame pattern.  This is done by unraveling both ends of the cording that are going to be joined.  You can dip them in fabric cement so that they stay pinched together.  Then twist the ends together, allowing the joint of cording to dry thoroughly before you continue with your knotting.

Another invisible method for adding a short cord, or adding a cord of a new color, is to place a T-pin behind the Macrame work where the new cord is to be added.  Tie the new cord to the pin as though it was a horizontal line and simply work it into the knotting.  The ends can be glued or woven in by hand or needle later.

If the fringe ends of the Macrame cording are going to be part of the texture of the final product and entirely visible, then you can permit the added loose ends of the new cording to hang and then knot them where needed.

Ok, now that you know how to macrame, it’s time to get back to your latest macrame project…

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