Macrame Artist of the Month: Annika de Groot

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Annika de Groot is an incredible artist of many talents, one of which is the intricate art of micro macramé. We are lucky to have people like Annika who are willing to share their talents with the world. Annika is considered an authority on the topic of micro macramé, and wrote the definitive guide:

Micro-Macrame: 30 Beaded Designs for Jewelery Using Crystals and Cords

From Annika’s bio:

“For me, micro-macramé is a synthesis of textiles and jewelry. It is an elegant, flowing art form sinuously shifting from knot to knot, creating waves of thread and stone. I use semi-precious stones, glass beads, Austrian and Czech crystals and found objects in many of my designs because I am continually mesmerized by the look of these materials.”

“My inspiration comes from children’s books, second-hand stores, textiles, overheard conversations and imaginative what-ifs. My jewelry designs are meditations in color and texture. I often fall into an altered state as I work my way through a knotted piece.”

“Some of my macramé pieces reflect the intricate meanderings that encompass my everyday life. Other pieces, like my openwork macramé bracelets and chokers, are floaty little snippets of shimmery stained glass made to frame a wrist or neck.But I have to admit, making knotted jewelry isn’t my only passion – I’ve had a long love affair with textile manipulation and other art forms, from marbling to mediaeval illumination to watercolor to glassblowing”

Annika offers a free pdf tutorial  on the micro-macrame Aspen Choker (pictured above) at her website Annika de Groot this is an advanced project folks! Here is a link to her free macrame pdf:

Annika’s Free Tutorial on the Micro-Macrame Aspen Choker

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