Macrame and Color

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Although color is very personal to each of us and our reaction to color will vary with our mood, there are several color considerations that you should keep in mind when you’re planning your next Macrame project.


Are you wondering about how to add color to your project? Wondering how different colors will work together once the knots are done? Should you use multiple colors or just one?

When a Macrame project is designed to combine different textures using an intricate knotting pattern it is often best to use one single color.  You might want to make sure that the beads that are used are incorporated as part of the design so that they don’t sparkle and take away from the simplicity of the knotting pattern.

macrame bracelet

Sherri always uses gorgeous color combinations in her macrame work

Using cording of more than one color can give a Macrame project more interest and depth.  Cords of a different color are added by:

  • Unraveling the end of the cord already worked into the knotting pattern as well as the end of the new cord of a different color.  Simply dip each end into fabric cement and join the ends together, waiting for it to dry completely for continuing the knotting pattern.
  • Tie the new color that is to be introduced to the project on a T-pin that is pinned to the Macrame board behind the work.  Then just work the new cord into the pattern, going back later to weave it into the project with an embroidery needle.

Once you try your first project where multi colors of cording are used you’ll see how easy the process is!  You’ll find yourself wanting to add color combinations to even the simplest macrame project.

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