How To Macrame Using A Dowel Rod

by Macrame

A dowel is a solid cylindrical rod, usually made of wood, plastic or metal. If it is cut short, it is called a dowel pin. Dowels are often made of wood when used in macrame. If you can not get hold of a dowel rod, a wooden chopstick or a pencil can take its place.

Half Hitch Macrame Knot

user (Tom Murphy VII), Half hitch, CC BY-SA 3.0

A dowel can be mounted on a knotting board, a work table or on a wall like a picture. To mount a dowel rod on a knotting board or a work table, position the rod vertically. The bracelet or necklace can be hitched from the dowel rod using a lark’s head knot. If you want it mounted horizontally, you would need two other pieces of wood to serve as posts on which to mount the rod.

To mount a dowel like a picture, carve a notch about half an inch at both ends of the rod. Tie the ends of a cord to the ends of the rod, forming a triangle when mounted on a wall. This is enough to produce tension when knotting macrame patterns. This is especially useful when knotting a flat wall hanging, a curtain or a hand bag.

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