Macrame Knots: Reference to Terms Found in Patterns

by Macrame

When I first began macrame, I didn’t always understand some of the shorthand found in most pattern books. If you are just starting out, use this handy reference guide to understand what the various abbreviations mean. Here you go:


  • LHK-Larks Head Knot
  • SK – Square Knot
  • HK-Half Knot
  • ASK – Alternating Square Knot
  • SHH – Single Half Hitch (first half of a double half
  • hitch)
  • DHH – Double Half Hitch
  • THH – Triple Half Hitch (each cord is knotted onto
  • the Holding Cord 3 times)
  • OK – Overhand Knot
  • ASHH – Alternating Single Half Hitch Chain
  • BK – Berry Knot
  • CCK – Chinese Crown Knot
  • JK – Josephine Knot


  • WC – Working Cords or cords
  • HC – Holding Cord

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