Keep Your Macrame Knots from Looking Ugly…

by Macrame

Today I am going to talk to you about how to keep your work even
and uniform.  This is what really separates an “ok” looking piece from a striking piece that looks professional. We’ve all had a project that just turned out ugly. We don’t need to show any images for this post, let’s not embarrass ourselves! Ok, so how to create a uniform macrame knot? It is actually quite easy to implement:

As you become more experienced in the art of Macrame you’ll want to
focus even more on keeping your work even and uniform.  You’ll want
the tension to be even and your line of knots to be straight
horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.  You’ll be looking for
edges that are firm and loops that are even.

project board, macrame projects

Use a project board to keep your knots uniform looking

The easiest and most reliable way to achieve this perfection is by
using the Macrame board, or other anchoring methods, to secure your
work while you’re working.  The Macrame board will help you keep
the size of your knots even and the pattern of your project uniform.

Get into the habit of securing your work before you tie that first
knot.  Use T-pins to hold your work in place on the project board.

You’ll soon find that your Macrame projects look even with
knots that align and are the same size.

I hope you liked today’s tip.  If you want more information,
patterns, knot guidance, pictures galore, lists of suppliers and so
much more.  Check out my book “One Stop Macrame Shop”, simply click
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