Macrame Patterns: Dog Collar

by Macrame

This simple pattern uses alternating square knots to create a bi-colored collar for your dog.  The collar fits a medium sized dog.  For a smaller or larger dog simply reduce or increase the length of cording used.

Supplies Needed for this project:

1.       two 4-yard lengths of natural hemp, 1mm size

2.      two 4-yard lengths of forest green hemp (or color of choice), 1mm size.


1.       Fold one natural strand in half.

2.      Hold the remaining strands together and tie around the first in a half knot ¾ inches from the fold.

3.      Slip the knot into a ring to secure the strands.

4.      Arrange the cording strands from left to right: green, natural, green, natural, natural, green, natural, green.

5.       Tie alternating square knots for 12 inches.

6.      Finish off the collar with an overhand knot.

7.       Trim the ends to 1 inch and slip the collar off the ring.

To clasp the collar:

Slip the end knot through the beginning loop.

Note that beads are not advised for pet projects as they could become a chocking hazard.

Happy knotting!

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