Macrame Patterns: Easy Keychain

by Macrame

This key chain is another beginner macrame project that will allow you to become more familiar and comfortable with the process of Macrame. This one is great for kids too. If you don’t know how to macrame, this one will be a great first project to try. You can also find other great macrame patterns for beginners if you want to check out more patterns.


1.      6 yards of 1mm hemp (choose something colorful)

2.    3 beads

3.    1 key ring

4.    masking tape & project board


1.      Cut the 6 yards of hemp into two equal halves, 3 yards each.

2.    Fold each cord in half and use a Half Hitch to secure them to the metal key ring by placing the folded end of the cord down through the key ring and pulling the ends of the cord down through the folded end of the loop.

3.    The key ring will now have two cords attached so that you have 4 working cords.

4.    Secure the key ring to your Macrame board.

5.     Make 4 Square Knots.

6.    Pull the first  bead onto the 2 middle cords.

7.     Place a Square Knot directly below the bead.

8.    Add another bead, creating another Square Knot directly below the bead.

9.    Repeat one more time.

10.   Make 3 more Square Knots under the last bead.

11.  Tie the 4 cords into one large knot.

12.   Trim the knot.

Add your keys and you are ready! For another fun and easy macrame pattern, try the sunflower necklace.

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