Macrame Patterns: Elegant Stone Bracelet with Toggle Clasp

by Macrame



1.      1 piece of 6 foot cording, in natural color

2.    1 piece of 4 foot cording, in a soft contrasting color

3.    3 large beads

4.    1 toggle clasp (available in craft stores)

5.     scissors

6.    glue

7.     T-pins

8.    Macrame board


1.      Thread both pieces of cording through the loop of one part of the toggle clasp.

2.    Pull the cording so that the toggle clasp is in the center of both of the cords.  Make sure that the shorter length of cording is in the middle and the longer lengths of cording are on the outside.

3.    Tie an Overhand Knot.  Push down the knot so that it’s up tight against the toggle loop.

4.    Position the cords on the Macrame board so that the longer cords are once again on the outside and the shorter cords are on the inside.

5.     Make the first Square Knot, starting with a Half Knot.  Bring the right cord over the two center cords.  Pull the right strand under the left cord.

6.    Bring the left cord under the two center cords and then pull it up through the loop that has been created by the right cord in the previous step.

7.     Pull the knot tightly up against the Overhand Knot.

8.    Bring the right cord under the two center cords and then pull it over the left cord.  (this step is the opposite of step 5)

9.    Complete the Square Knot by bringing the cord on the left up through the loop and pulling the knot tightly.  The completed Square Knot should look like a small “V”.

10.  Continue making Square Knots, repeating steps 5 to 9, until you have 2 inches of Square Knots.

11.  Place the first bead onto the two center cords and push the bead up tight against the Square Knots.

12.  Bring the two outside cords down and pull them around the bead.  Tie 2 Square Knots.

13.  Place the second bead onto the pattern and tie 2 more Square Knots.

14.  Place the third bead onto the pattern and tie 2 inches of Square Knots

15.  Thread the opposite side of the toggle clasp through the 4 pieces of cord and tie an Overhand Knot (just as you did in step 3).

16.  Trim off any excess cording.  Apply glue to the Overhand Knot.

17.  Let the glue dry thoroughly before wearing your new Macrame bracelet!

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