Macrame Patterns: Flower Pot Decor

by Macrame

Here’s a quick and easy little project to dress up your collection of flower pots out on the patio. Why not give them some extra bit of flair with these cute little macrame collars for the pots?

Supplies Needed:

1.      one 6 ½ inch Terra Cotta flower pot and pot saucer (for a larger size adjust the amount of cord)

2.    7 1/3 yards of 5-ply natural jute cording, #72 size

3.    4 round  beads, 12mm or 16mm size

4.    glue


1.      Cut the filler cord for the project to 1 1/3 yards.

2.    Cut the knotting cord for the project to 6 yards.

3.    Pin the filler cord to your Macrame board about 12 inches from one end.

4.    Fold the knotting cord in half and slip the center of cord underneath the filler cord on the Macrame board.

5.     Tie a Square Knot next to the pin.  Use 2 knotting cords around the center of the filler cord.

6.    Tie a series of Square Knot Sinnets that will be able to fit snugly around the rim of the flower pot.  The length of the Sinnet will depend on the precise diameter of the pot.  Measure frequently to ensure a good fit.

7.     Glue the Sinnet into place along the rim of the pot and allow to dry.

8.    Tie the 2 filler cords together tightly.

9.    Tie these filler cords (now one cord) to the top knotting cord so that all 4 of the cords hang down from the Sinnet.

10.   Place a bead onto each of the cords at differing lengths.

11.  Tie an Overhand Knot under each bead to keep the bead in place.

12.   Place another bead onto each cord at differing lengths.

13.    Tie another Overhand Knot under each bead.

14.   Trim each knot and glue it to keep the ends fused.

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