Macrame Projects: How to Tie off the Ends

by Macrame


Figuring out how to end a knotted project can be a tough one when you are just learning how to macrame. The best way approach would be to look at images of other similar projects to see how they are finished off, and then choose a type of ending that works for your particular macrame pattern.
Wrapping  is one great way to end a series of loose cords.  It can be done with one of the cords already on
the piece, or another color or texture may be added to give it some final flair.
Other techniques include adding a row of beads held with an Overhand
Knot; a series of Overhand Knots, only a knot at the bottom; the
alternating Half Hitch, fringing and fraying
the cord by unraveling its plies.

Ends can be braided with three or more cords and held with an
Overhand Knot. Twist two or more sets of cords in a clockwise direction,
then twist the groups together in a counterclockwise direction.
Tie an Overhand Knot to hold the twists together. For a gnarled
effect twist the cord in the same direction as its original twist until it
bends up in odd shapes.
A series of Monkey’s Fist Knots may be used. For a solid
end without any dangling cords, Clove Hitch over a horizontal bar,
then bring the ends up to the back of the work and weave them into
the knots. Ends may be glued or stitched for better holding. The back
may be faced with a piece of fabric to hold the ends—particularly for
clothes, purses, and accessories that will be handled a great deal.
Tassels, long and short, are decorative and functional. They may be
made with the Macrame heading or bundled and wrapped.

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