A Simple Macrame Pattern For A Mother’s Day Gift

by Macrame

Heads up, people! Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday. What have you got for your mom? Children often make handmade gifts for their mums. Greetings cards top the list because they are easy to make. But do you know what else is easy to make and can make your mother smile every time she sees your gift? Macrame jewelry!

Here is a sample macrame jewelry pattern I’d like to share with you. You can make this into either an anklet or a bracelet. It’s also perfect for either casual or formal wear because of the type of beads used in the pattern.

Materials you’d need:

  • 2 pcs. of 1 3/4 yard cord lengths of red hemp, 1mm size
  • 1 pc. of 18 inch length of red hemp, 1mm size (available at Amazon)
  • 2 round rose silver beads, 8mm size (if you can’t find silver rose beads, you can choose an alternative that matches the red hemp)
  • 1 moon/sun reversible bead, 16mm size

Although the pattern specifies the sun/moon reversible bead or pendant, you have the freedom to choose a different type of reversible bead or pendant to accessorize your bracelet or anklet. You also have an option to use basic tools, such as a jump ring or a pair of tweezers, to make the process easier for you.

Steps in making the pattern:

  1. Hold the strands together, ends even, and tie an Overhand Knot, leaving 1 inch tails.
  2. Slip the knot into a ring to anchor it while you’re working.
  3. Braid for 2 inches and tie an Overhand Knot.
  4. Arrange the strands so the short strand is in the center.
  5. Tie a 3 inch Square Knot Sinnet.
  6. Slide a rose bead onto the anchoring center strand.
  7. Tie a 1 inch Square Knot Sinnet.
  8. Slide the moon/sun bead onto the anchoring center strand.
  9. Work another 1 inch Square Knot Sinnet.
  10. Slide on a rose bead.
  11. Tie a 3 inch Square Knot Sinnet.
  12. Tie all the strands in an Overhand Knot and then braid for 2 inches.
  13. Tie an Overhand Knot and trim the ends to 1 inch.
  14. Slip the anklet off the ring.

To clasp: Tie the ends in a Square Knot.

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