Macrame Cord: Cotton

by Macrame

macrame belt using cotton cord

Cotton fibers are shorter than jute, hemp, or linen and need more of a twist to get them to stay together so that they form a strand.  You can buy cotton cording in most fabric and sewing stores where you live as well as from weaving suppliers.  Single ply cotton is often used for Macrame projects that you’re going to wear, such as a belt.  Cotton cording comes in a wide variety of sizes and is used in many Macrame projects. You can order cotton cord from most of these online macrame supplies stores.

An important consideration when choosing the type of cord for your project is how will the finished item be used? Will it be outside, like a plant hanger? You’d want something fade-proof. Are you making a hammock? You’ll want cord that is soft to the touch. Does it need to hold its shape? Just a few tips for consideration.

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