Macrame For Men

by Macrame

IMG_0286Don’t let the title deceive you. It does not necessarily mean that paracord knotting is for men only. Women and children can do this stuff, too, because it’s very easy!

Paracords, also called 550 cords or parachute cords, are great materials for making bracelets, necklaces, keychains, lanyards and belts for your outdoors-type of friend. They are made from synthetic materials that can resist most elements, like water, salt and dirt.

Paracord bracelets and lanyards often use side release buckles that easily detach, but holds strong when secured. It’s the same buckle used for backpacks and belt bags.

To make a macrame bracelet from paracords, you need to know how to make a cobra stitch, or what they call the Solomon Bar. This is made by tying a series of half knots in an alternate sequence. If you tie the knot on the same side, the bracelet will turn into a twisted helix.

Use a variety of colors so the pattern looks more attractive. Available colors for paracords are red, black, tan, olive green, brown and white. You can also insert accessories, such as skull beads or metal studs.

Read the instructions for making a paracord bracelet at Instructables.

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