Macrame Halloween Inspiration

by Macrame

Welcome to October Macrame Lovers! I have searched the web high and low for you to come up with some Halloween inspired macrame crafts. This was not an easy task! Here’s the roundup:

Halloween Macrame Jewelry

Macrame Halloween jewelry from "This Year's Dozen"

Macrame Halloween Necklace

Macrame Halloween Necklace from "This Year's Dozen"

Both of the above can be found at This Year’s Dozen

macrrame spider

macrame spider from Etsy

This friendly little creature is a handmade one of a kind black macrame spider from Etsy artist KnotartWA. Sorry it’s sold!

And of course, we could not forget this very creative piece, a mask designed to accommodate glasses. I would love to know what the rest of the costume looked like! As always, I would love to see your macrame Halloween projects!

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