Macrame Knot of the Week: Square Knot

by Macrame

Square KnotThe square knot is one of the most basic knots you should learn in macrame. The square knot, also known as reef knot, originated from sailors tying knots to make fringes for wheels and bell covers, and netting for screens. Later, they figured out how a combination of knots make a nice pattern for useful objects, such as bags, which they sold at some ports they stopped at.

Historically, the square knot is tied to medical use. Doctors would bind bandages securely using the Hercules knot, which was the square knot in Greece. They believed wounds heal faster when bandages were tied with this knot.

Although the square knot is one of the most used knots in macrame, it is not a reliable knot to secure a rope in real life situations. Use a sheet bend or fisherman’s knot to prevent premature unraveling.

Do not confuse the square knot with the thief knot or the granny knot, which is a weak knot. To avoid confusion, remember these tips in making the right Square Knot. Tie this way: right-over-left and under; left-over-right and through. Formally, tie a left-handed overhand knot and then a right-handed overhand knot or vice-versa.

A mnemonic for the square knot begins with “Right over left, left over right” and ends with “makes a knot both tidy and tight.” An interesting trivia for everyone is the use of the grief knot in magic tricks. The grief knot is a combination of the granny knot and the thief knot; hence, the name grief, which is a combination of granny and thief.

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