Macrame Knots: The Josephine Knot

by Macrame

Josephine Knot

The Josephine Knot, (sometimes also referred to as the
“Garrick Bend),” is a decorative knot used
within a pattern or by itself for a belt or
jewelry. It can be tied with two, four, or any
multiple of cords and knots intertwined. As
with many knots, the diagrams make the
procedure look more complex than it is. This macrame knot is actually not that hard to do, and the results are wonderful.  Carefully
following the directions will result in a
beautiful, easy-to-do knot. It may be tied
loosely or tightly. If loosely tied cords tend
to slip, a dab of glue at the back will hold
them. Two cords (or four strands) are used in
the illustration, but you could also add more texture and complexity by using two groups of cords together.

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