Macrame Handbag Pattern

by Macrame

Macrame Handbag

This simple to follow macrame pattern for a handbag or purse uses only 2 knots, the Larks Head Knot and the Square Knot. Choose a fresh summer color for your new handbag. This pattern for a purse calls for purse handles, but you could simply use dowel rods or metal rods to attach the row of knows to. It’s fun to add your own creative spin each project. Another great way to personalize it is by adding a liner. I personally love a bright pop of color in the liner, such as a satin tangerine or turquoise. Paisley prints also make great purse liners.

Finished size: 13″ x 101/2″ (plus handles)

Materials Needed:

  • 110 yds. 6mm polypropylene cord
  • 1 pair of purse handles with 8″ slots


1. Cut 44 cords  2 1/2 yds.  Each.

2. Mount 14 cords on each handle with Lark’s Heads. Tie a row of Square Knots on each handle close under Lark’s Head (There should be 7 Square Knots on each of the handles).

3. Fold 2 more cords in half and then pin the centers side by side on your project board. With the 4 working cords, tie a Square Knot. Bring the knot all the way to pins so no loops are above knot. Set aside.

4. Repeat step 3 seven additional times.

5. Secure a purse handle onto your project board and, on the left side of the Square Knot under handle, then pin 2 of the Square Knot sections tied in step 3. Pin side by side. Do the same on right side. Tie a row of alternating Square Knots across purse, beginning with 4 cords on the far left (there should be a total of 10 knots in all).

6. Repeat step 5 on the other handle. You will have used all the cords now.

7. Place the front and back sides of purse together with the insides facing each other, and hold using your knees. Now tie a Square Knot withthe 2 outside cords from the front and the 2 outside cords from the back of the purse. Now tie the knot tight and up close to the other Square Knots. Repeat on other edge of purse. This will join the front and backs together; the purse will now be worked like a tube.

8. Now tie 16 rows of alternating Square Knots, turning your purse as you knot.

9. Turn your purse inside side out and place between your knees, with bottom side up. Be sure the sides are correctly lined up. Start with the farthest 6 cords, tie 2 Square Knots, using 4 filler cords.

10. Next, use the next 2 cords from each side and tie a tight Square Knot, using 1 cord from each side as a filler cord and 1 cord from each side as the tying cord. Continue this across the bottom until there are 6 cords left. Tie 2 Square Knots, using 4 filler cords.

11. If using polypropylene cord, cut all cords, leaving about 1/2″ left. Fuse the adjacent ends together or glue them together. Your purse is finished, you can add a brightly colored liner if desired.

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