Macrame Patterns: 2 Tier Shelf

by Macrame

I cam across this wonderful pattern for a macrame spice rack out of an old vintage book called “Judys Way With Macrame”  It’s too bad that all these great macrame patterns are getting lost with time. I am sharing the pattern here, although I do not have a photo to inspire you, simply imagine 2 pieces of wood, suspended from 2 macrame knotted cords. These 2 pieces of wood are the shelves, and when hung against a wall and properly secured, make a beautiful spice rack (keep it well away from the oven, we don’t want that beautiful fringe going up in smoke!).  I think this would also make a very lovely 2 tiered decorative shelf for a bathroom or hallway. This project is wonderfully quick. Here is the pattern:

Finished Length: 24″ including fringe

Macrame Supplies:

27 yards 4-5mm cord that will unravel
One 2 ” wood ring — painted or stained
Two 3″ x 10″ boards with 3/8″ hole drilled in each corner of board – 3/4″
board suggested


4 cords4-1/3 yards long and4cords2-1/3 yards long

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Lark’s Head the longer cords onto the ring. Tie 7″ of Half Knots (HK)
with each group of 4 cords.
2. Divide the cords into 4 groups of 2 cords each. Add a shorter cord to each
group of 2 cords with a HK.  Tie 4/4″ of HK
with each group of 4 cords.
3. Put 4 cords thru each hole in one board. Tie 5″ of HK with each group
using the 2 longest cords as knotting cords.
4. Put 4 cords thru each hole in the other board. Using the 2 longest cords as
knotting cords, tie 8 HK around all the cords (6 filler cords). Repeat on
other side with remaining cords.
5. Trim ends to 3″ and unravel cord ends.

Hang in your kitchen, bathroom or hallway and enjoy!

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