Macrame Patterns: Basic Plant Hanger

by Macrame

Macrame Plant Hangers: Basic Plant Hanger for a Beginner

This is a free macrame pattern for a very basic plant hanger. This pattern is great for beginners. It only uses one type of knot, the square knot and variations such as the square knot sinnet, and rows of alternating square knots.

Materials needed:

-45 yds 6mm Braided Polypropylene  Macrame Cord

-One  2 1/4 in metal ring


4 cords – 7 yards long
4 cords – 3 yards long
2 cords – 1 yard long

  1. Use a scrap piece of cord to tie the center of all eight cords together.
  2. Center the eight cords over the ring, and tie a wrapping knot for 3 in.
  3. Separate into groups 2long and 2short cords each. You now have four groups of four cords each group.
  4. Take group one and tie a square knot close to the wrap, using 2 long knotting cords and two short filler cords. Continue to tie a square knot sinnet for 16in.
  5. Repeat for the other groups of cords.
  6. Drop down 5in and tie a row of alternating square knots, to connect the sinnets and begin the basket.
  7. Drop down 2in and tie another row of alternating square knots.
  8. Tie a third row of alternating square knots up close to the last row to close the basket.
  9. Cut a wrapping cord 1yd long. Gather all tail cords together directly under the last row of alternating square knots. Tie a 1in gathering wrap. Trim and wrap up close and fuse. Trim tail cords to length. Fuse ends to prevent unraveling.

Thanks to Charlie Emery for providing this pattern.

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