Macrame Patterns: Macrame Belt Made with Leather Lacing

by Macrame

Created by Charlie Emery

This gorgeous macrame belt is made with leather cords.


– 28 yards of leather lacing 3/16″ wide

– Two 2″ brass rings


1. Cut four 7yd. long pieces of leather. 

2. Fold each length of lacing in half, and attach to both rings with a Lark head knot. You now have 8 working cords.

3. Divide the working cords into 2 groups of 4 cords each.

4. Start the belt by tying a square knot with each group of cords. (Alternating Square Knot)

5. Take the four-center cords tie another square knot directly below the last two knots.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for five sets of knots.

7. End on the fifth set of double square knots. Using the two outside cords on each side. On the right tie one lark’s head knots on the outside cord. Repeat for left side.

8. Now weave the four center cords.

9. Tie a square knot with the right four cords, and another with the left four cords.

10. Repeat steps 4-9 until you reach the length you want. End on a set of double square knots.

11. Trim lacing for fringe.

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