Macrame Patterns: Macrame Christmas Tree

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Holidays are just around the corner…are you interested in creating some great Christmas decorations from macrame, or are you thinking of making gifts for others? Well actually, this pattern doubles as both!  The macrame Christmas Tree Pattern is wonderful to decorate your home, and it makes a great gift too. The finished size of the piece is going to be about 31 inches long, so choose a nice spot on the wall to hang this beauty!

Macrame Christmas Tree Pattern

Materials Needed:

  • 41 yds. 7-ply 8mm jute
  • 30, 20mm round red wood beads
  • 1 dowel rod, 1 1/2″ diameter X 17″ long
  • 1 good sized  ribbon bow and decoration (think red velvet)
  • 1,1%” ring

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Cut 14 cords, 2 1/2 yds. each.
2. Cut 2 cords 3 yds. each.
3. Mount 2 of the 2’/2-yd. cords on the I 1/2″ ring with Lark’s Head knots
4. Skip down to 17 inches and mount cords near ends of dowel with Double Half Hitch knots.
5. Fold each of the two 3-yd. cords in half and mount one on each of the outside cords of steps 1 and 2, with Lark’s Heads, close to the top. Double Half Hitch these mounted cords to the inside cords of steps 1 and 2.
6. Slide one bead on the 2 center cords nearest the top and, with the middle 4 cords, tie one Square Knot right below the bead.
7. Mount two 2 1/2 yd. cords, one on each outside cord, with Lark’s Heads, about one inch from previous Lark’s Head (step 3), and Double Half Hitch these to the inside cords as you did in step 3.
8. Divide cords into 2 groups, 4 cords in each group. The 2 center cords of each group are filler cords. Slide one bead up the 2 filler cords of each group and tie one Square Knot below each bead.
9. Mount 2 more cords on the outside side-cords, as before, and Double Half Hitch these to the inside side-cords (as before).
10. Divide cords into 3 groups, 4 cords in each group, and with 3 beads, repeat as in step 6.
11. Add 2 more cords as in step 7.
12. Divide cords into 4 groups, 4 cords to each group, and with 4 beads, repeat as in step 6.
13. Drop down about 1 xh inches and tie one row of 4 Square Knots.
14. Add 2 more cords as in step 7. Divide cords into 5 groups of 4 cords each and, with 5 beads, repeat as in step 6.
15. Add 2 more cords as in step 7; divide cords into 6 groups and repeat as in step 6. Repeat this step one more time, using 7 beads the last time.
16. Double Half Hitch all cords to the dowel rod, and place one bead on each end of dowel rod.
17. Gather all cords together with a ribbon bow about 4 inches below the dowel rod. Insert decoration in bow, if desired.

Hang it up where everyone can enjoy it!

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