Macrame Patterns: Paper Towel Holder

by Macrame

This is another quick and easy macrame pattern from “Judys Way With Macrame.”  This pattern is to create a paper towel holder and will add a touch of elegance and handmade love to any kitchen. Another use for this piece might be in the craft room, to hold a couple rolls of ribbon.

Paper Towel Holder:

Finished Length: 17″ including fringe

14 yards 4-5mm cord that will unravel
One 2 ” wood ring — painted or stained
3/8″ dowel rod 161/2″ long – painted or stained
Two 3/4 inch or 20mm beads


Cut 4 cords 31/2 yards long


1. Left side of ring— Lark’s Head 2 cords onto ring.
Then adjust so that center cords are 30″ long.
Right side of ring — repeat as for left side.
2. Tie 12″ of Half Knots (HK) with each group of
4 cords.
3. Tie a Square Knot (SK) button with 5 knots per
button, with each group of 4 cords.
4. Tie 1″ of HK under each button. Trim ends to
4″ and unravel cord ends.
5. Using the scraps which were cut off, put 4 cords
across the ring between the 2 sets of cords. Wrap,
using a scrap piece and trim to two inches and unravel.

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