Macrame Patterns: Sunflower necklace

by Macrame

With the weather we’ve been having lately, I think we need to encourage spring. This macrame pattern might just do the trick-a sunflower necklace. This lacy necklace is 19 inches long (you can adjust the cord to your preference) and features a sunflower charm in the center. Please send me your photos of your finished projects & I will post them!


1.    1 yard of hemp cord, 1mm size
2.    5 yards of hemp cord, 1mm size
3.    4 red ceramic tubed beads, 8mm size
4.    2 brown ceramic tubed beads, 8mm size
5.    1 square wooden bead, 12mm size
6.    1 pewter sunflower charm with a jump ring, 20mm size

I recommend using a macrame project board to secure your work.

1.    Fold the 1-yard strand in half over a ring for anchoring.
2.    Center the remaining strand ¾ inches from the fold and tie a Half Knot.
3.    Arrange the strands with the short ones in the center.
4.    Tie a 1 ½ inch Square Knot Sinnet.  Bring the center strands over the outer strands to the outside (one crossover).
5.    Tie 2 Square Knots with the new outside strands ¾ inches below the last Square Knot.
6.    Make another crossover and tie a ¾ inch Square Knot Sinnet.
7.    Tie a ¼ inch Half Knot Sinnet (or one full twist).
8.    Tie a ½ inch Square Knot Sinnet.  Make a crossover and tie a Square Knot.
9.    Slide a red bead over the two center strands.
10.  Tie a Square Knot and make a crossover.
11.  Tie a ½ inch Square Knot Sinnet.
12.  Slide a brown and a red bead over the center strands.
13.  Tie a ½ inch Square Knot Sinnet and thread the left strand through the jump ring of the charm.
14.  Repeat steps 4 – 13 in reverse order.
15.  Slide the wood bead over the strands, tie an Overhand Knot and trim the ends to ½ inch.
16.  Slip the necklace off the ring.
17.  To clasp the necklace:  Slip the end bead through the beginning loop.


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