Macrame Plant Hangers Lead To Better Health

by Macrame

Handcrafted in New Zealand by @KathrynLeahPayne, the Colour Pop and Tassel Plant Hangers pay homage to vintage macrame plant holders of the past but updated with vegetable tanned leather and lambskin, as well as solid brass fittings.

I found this interesting article that talks about how important it is to have plenty of indoor plants. Indoor plants are great for numerous reasons, they are decorative and create a happy environment. It is believed that indoor plants contribute to creating an environment of peacefulness and relaxation. But the benefits go beyond the emotional state, as there is a much bigger health benefit from indoor plants. Indoor plants create better air by removing toxins. The article suggests that a single indoor plant can remove 95% of carbon monoxide. And specific types of plants will remove other bad toxins from the air.

What does this have to do with macrame? Well, when you give someone a gift of a macrame plant hanger, chances are, that plant hanger is going to get filled! So I encourage you to get busy creating some gorgeous macrame plant hangers, as your friends and family could really benefit in a number of ways from those indoor plants. Just think, besides adding a gorgeous piece of art to their home, you’ll also be helping create a healthy environment of peace and better quality air. So get knotting!

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