Macrame Supplies – Finding Unusual Beads For Projects

by Macrame

It can be difficult to find great beads for your macrame designs, as once you run through your local bead store supply you might find yourself in need of new inspiration. A great way to find vintage and unusual beads is to look for them at thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales and even antique shops. There you will find costume jewelry as well as vintage clothes with gorgeous, practically “one of a kind” beads for a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is take them apart and possibly enlarge the holes. You can also search for unusual buttons that might make a nice centerpiece to the jewelry design. It’s a great way to bring new life to an old item, and gives your pieces a “history”, not to mention being green at the same time. Finding interesting beads and macrame supplies can become quite addictive, like a treasure hunt!

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