Vibrant Artist Community: Handmade Artist Forum

by Macrame

We all know about Etsy as THE place for handmade items and artisan wares. The other day, I came across another brilliant resource for artists called:

Handmade Artists Forum It’s a very active artist community with contests, forums, articles, inspiration and a marketplace for artists to sell their crafts. If you are already selling your macrame pieces on Etsy, why not offer your macrame handiwork in a second marketplace as well? It can’t hurt, and its a great way to build even more connections and network within the community.If you are looking to expand your circle of knowledge, reaching out to other artists is a great way to go. You can trade macrame patterns, share photos and keep one another inspired. In fact, that is what this blog is all about. I started macrame lovers blog with the idea of sharing ideas, resources and just developing a community around macrame.

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