Macrame Artist of the Month: MacraMe

by Macrame

MacraMe is an artist team of two sisters from Argentina named Mariana and Paula. They focus on one item really: macrame owls.  What really caught my eye is the interesting way they photograph their pieces. It really makes those little owls come to life!

These little macrame owls seem to be having adventures all over the world! It’s really a simple, yet ingenious concept-they photograph their owls strategically placed over photographs (magazine images, perhaps?) and the models appear to be wearing the owls or interacting with them.

This sister duo have been very successful on Etsy, selling well over a 1,000 pieces to date. And who can resist a cute little macrame owl for only $10? Super cute, and a great example of a macrame artist making an income from doing what they love. Check out their store on Etsy right here: MacraMe


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