Macrame Basics: Anchoring Your Work

by Macrame

It’s important that you keep your macrame project firmly anchored in place while you’re working.  You’ll want to secure the cord ends using an anchor of some kind.  The benefits of anchoring your work include:

macrame project board is used to secure your work

  • You have the ability to keep your cords tight and secure.  This leads to macrame work that is uniform and precise in tightness and size.
  • Cords stay untangled and are easy to work with.
  • You’ll maintain even tension throughout the work.
  • You’ll keep track for what step you’re doing next.
  • One way that you can anchor your work is by using a macrame board.  Use pins to secure the ends of the cording to the board.  Make sure that the ends of the cording are aligned so that your work at the start of the project is as neat and uniform as the end.

    Another way that you can anchor your cording is by using a simple clip board.  A clip board will allow you to move through the steps of your project as well as store the unfinished piece when you’re not working on it.  The cording will remain neat and tidy until you’re ready to begin work again.  Using a clip board is easy:  secure the cord underneath the clip, allowing the cords to hang free.  If you’re working with center cords you can secure them to the clip board using tape.

    A split ring is another way that you can anchor your work and keep it secure.  After creating your beginning knot slip the knot into the slot of the split ring.  Then hook the ring onto a stable object such as a doorknob or a clothes hook.  For many projects you’ll be required to cut some strands twice as long as others.  In this case all you need to do is loop the fold of cords over the top of the ring.  When you’re ready to tighten the knots all you need to do is remove the entire project from the ring.

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