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Macrame Bag Pattern

Macrame Patterns: Macrame Bag

by Macrame


macrame bag pattern

Macrame tote by Elvis Klaye

With summer upon us, I thought everyone might want to consider a making themselves a macrame purse or tote. This one’s roomy enough to toss in a swimsuit, a good book and a bottle of water. Isn’t that the ultimate recipe for summer fun? One of our readers, Elvis from Ghana sent us several great photos of some macrame bags, and so I thought it would be great to feature a pattern to along with the image so others can create their own macrame bag. In the photo, a second color was used to give it some pizazz, but the pattern below is just one color. Of course feel free to put your own creative twist into it like Elvis did.

Market Tote


Finished size: 13 1/2  x 10″ (plus handles)


Materials Needed:

  • 104 yds. 6mm or 7mm polypropylene cord
  • Pins
  • Project board

Preparation: Cut 36 cords, 2 ¼ yds. long, 4 cords 2 ½ yds. long, 4 cords

3 ¼ yds. long.

Tote Handles


Tip: you could easily adapt to use wood or plastic handles if you prefer.


1.      Pin the centers of 2 of the 2 ½ yd. cords side by

side on board, with 2 ends going up over top of board and

2 ends hanging down. Pin the centers of two 3 ¼ yd. cords

on each side o1 the 21/2-yd. cords — you will have 4 cords

with the short ones in the middle. Tie a sinnet of 9 Square

Knots with these 4 cords, starting in the center. Turn cords around and tie 9 Square Knots in the other direction. Remove from project board.

2.      Repeat step 2 with the other 2 ½ yd. and 3 ¼ yd cords.

3.      Fold 2 of the 2 ¼ yd. cords in half and pin side by side on

board. Pin at centers, all ends hanging down—giving you

4 working cords. With these, tie a Square Knot. Bring the

Square Knot up close to the pins so no loops will be above

pins. Do this 11 more times, using 22 more cords. You will

have 12 Square Knot sections in all. Put them aside.

4.      Pin one of the handles on the board, in an arc, with the last

Square Knots on each end about 5 inches apart.

Body of Tote-Front Side


5.      Fold a 2 ¼ yd. cord in half (making 2 working cords)

and pin it to the right of the left end of handle. Tie a Square

Knot with these and the 2 right cords from (left end of)

handle. Bring knot up close to pin so no loops will be

above the knot. Pin another cord beside this Square Knot

(making 2 working cords) and tie an alternating Square

Knot (see knotting section), using the 4 outside cords (2

from previous knot plus the new cords). Repeat this again,

adding on one more cord. You will have added on 3 cords

and tied 3 Square Knots (2 of them alternating Square

Knots) to the inside of handle.

6.      Repeat step 6, adding 3 cords to the left side of the right

end of handle, working toward the knots tied in step 6.

7.      Tie the right and left side together by tying a Square Knot

with the 4 center cords. You will now have a “V” shape.

8.      Pin one of the Square Knot sections tied in step 4 to the

left of the handle. Tie together with an alternating Square

Knot, using the 2 left cords from handle and 2 right cords

from the Square Knot. Pin another section to the left of the

one you just added and tie an alternating Square Knot. Do

the same with one more section.

9.      Repeat step 9 on the right side.

10.  Number cords, from left to right, 1-22.

  • Tie a Square Knot with cords 5-8, 9-12,13-16.
  • Next row: cords 7-10,11-14,15-18.
  • Next row: cords 9-12, 13-16, 17-20.

11. Repeat step 11 on the right side, numbering from right to left.

Body of Tote-Back Side


12. Repeat steps 5-12 for other side (back) of tote.

13. Hold the front and back sides together (with insides facing each other)

between your knees, and then tie a Square Knot with the two end

cords from front and the two end cords from back. Under this

knot, tie 2 alternating Square Knots. On the next row, tie 3

alternating Square Knots. Final row, tie 4 alternating

Square Knots. You will have filled in one edge of tote

with Square Knots.

14.  Repeat step 14 on the other side. You now have a

complete row of Square Knots around the tote.

15. Tote will now be worked as a tube. Tie 13 rows of

alternating Square Knots.

16. Turn tote wrong side out and place between your knees,

with the bottom side up. Check that front and back sides are

aligned. Starting with the farthest 6 cords, tie 2 Square

Knots, using 4 filler cords. Use the next 2 cords from each

side (4 total) and tie a tight Square Knot, using one cord

from each side as a filler and one from each side as a tying

cord. Continue this way across bottom until 6 cords are

left. With these 6 cords, tie 2 Square Knots using 4 filler


17. If using polypropylene or polyolefin cord, cut cords

leaving about ½ “. Pick up 2 cords, side by side, heat

ends and fuse together, or glue each bottom knot with a clear glue, cutting ends when it has had enough time to dry.

18. If you would like a lining, go ahead and turn the tote inside out and add lining.

Tip: For a modern edge to your tote, why not add a pop of color with a brightly colored or funky pattern lining.

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Elvis Klaye March 23, 2012 at 9:28 am

Please this is the designer of this toote bag. Please l am from Ghana not UK.
Kindly make that correction.
Thank You.


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