Macrame Projects On a Larger Scale

by Macrame

I know we often think of macrame for purses, jewelry, plant hangers, perhaps owls? But there are other interesting applications available for macrame about your home other than just the old favorites.  Macrame can be used in many, many different ways. We are only limited by our own imagination! Here are some ideas I found from Dona Meilach:
“…decorative and functional aspects are unlimited; the only requirements
are imagining where an unusual treatment is needed, then fashioning
Macrame to fill that need. The following are a few ideas for using
Macrame in both traditional and contemporary decorating.
Joan Michaels Paque has knotted a room-divider screen. Knotted
fabrics are set into a frame and worked over horizontal wood dowels
for a functional and decorative treatment. Next to it is a vase with
a Macrame covering to show how subtle and beautiful Macrame can
be. She also has trimmed kitchen curtains with Macrame and made
curtains for entire doors and windows. All cords used are pretested
for washability; some are washed before knotting to eliminate shrinkage
after the piece is created to size.
Try knotting around plastic containers or flowerpots whose surfaces
are worn beyond repair. Or cover any pot for an unusual decor and
to tie in with a color scheme. Lampshades, bottles, temporary fireplace
screens, room dividers, doorway coverings, tablecloths, doilies,
hanging flower containers, valances, and scores of other items may be
fashioned from knotted cords in colors and designs that are individually
yours”. What a great way to fulfill your creative desires!

Think of all the many different ways you can use macrame around your home to create a warm and cozy environment?

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